Writer's Notebook


Writer's Notebook


How to write my own novel in less than a year!

A step-by-step guided workbook for fiction authors: preparation, organization and writing

Agathe Karella

ISBN : 978-1-678410-72-8

274 pages

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This notebook is an indispensable tool for any writer, from beginner to established. It will accompany you as an author in all stages during the preparation and writing of your novel. By completing it step by step, you will be able to expand from your initial idea, as well as create rich and original characters and places. You will be able to imagine your scenes and distribute them into coherent and balanced chapters in order to hold your reader spellbound. You will finally set yourself goals and a schedule to follow in order to boost your desire to write and finish your fiction book in less than a year.

Have you always dreamt of becoming a writer but have never known where to start? Have you got the motivation but are wondering how to write a novel? Or maybe you've already tried but haven't reached the end yet... This workbook contains everything you need so you don't forget anything. Clear and detailed sheets to fill in, as well as Agathe Karella's author tips, will guide you step by step to achieve your project: writing your own book!

This isn't another one of those books with advice on how to write, it's something different, original and complementary. If you have already written one or more novels, you know that preparation is necessary and even essential. In this writer's workbook, everything is put together to make your life easier. No more post-it notes and loose sheets. No more blank notebooks that don't fit your needs. At last here's the notebook you were waiting for: 274 pages to fill in, entirely dedicated to your next novel. This will be a time-saving and much more efficient way to write.

Thanks to the organization and methodology offered in this notebook, and with a good dose of motivation, writing your novel in less than a year will become easy. This is the program that Agathe Karella offers you.

This writer's journal, especially designed in a convenient format, will follow you wherever you go: in your bag, on your bedside table, on the train... so you can jot down ideas and write a story that will please your future readers, whatever the literary genre: thriller, mystery, suspense, crime, romance, young adult, sci-fi, fantasy, general literature, feelgood novel, etc.

The notebook is organized in three parts:

  • preparation phase: opening idea(s), synopsis, title, 18 character sheets, 18 location sheets, perspective, scenario, 50 chapter sheets...
  • planning the writing phase for your first draft: objectives, schedule, weekly follow-up on your writing sessions...
  • finalization and publication of your book (through a publisher or by self-publishing): list of things to do, sales tracker...

The author of this notebook, Agathe Karella, uses it herself to write her novels and wanted to share her method with you so that you too will be able to write your own novel in less than a year!

On your marks, get your pencils, go!

Also available in French : Mon Carnet d'Écrivain

And in Spanish : Mi Cuaderno de Escritor